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2013-2014 HillBook (Class of 2017) 
2013-2014 HillBook (Class of 2017) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Academic Partnerships & Resources


Academic Partnerships

Marine Studies Consortium

Stonehill College is a member of the Marine Studies Consortium, which was organized in 1977 by representatives of twenty-five Massachusetts universities and colleges. Its primary purpose is to promote marine education. Each year the consortium offers several marine-related courses in Boston which attract undergraduate students from schools throughout the area. Credit for courses taken is granted by the student’s home institution, and the grade received becomes part of the student’s permanent record at the school. Students interested in enrolling in any of these courses must apply through Professor Maura Geens Tyrrell, Department of Biology.

SACHEM Exchange Program

Stonehill College students may cross-register for courses at any of the SACHEM (Southeastern Association for Cooperation of Higher Education in Massachusetts) institutions on a space-available basis as part of their normal full-time load during the Fall or Spring semester. Winter and Summer semesters are excluded from the SACHEM exchange program. Tuition is covered within the students’ full-time tuition charge at Stonehill; students are responsible for lab fees when applicable. Students must request an official transcript from the SACHEM School be sent to the Registrar’s Office.

Colleges involved in the SACHEM program are the following:

  • Bridgewater State College
  • Bristol Community College
  • Cape Cod Community College
  • Dean College
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy*
  • Massasoit Community College
  • Stonehill College
  • University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
  • Wheaton College

*Students may not cross-register at Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Students may enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester at one of the above institutions, provided that the courses are not offered or are filled at Stonehill for that semester. First-Year students are not eligible to participate in the SACHEM program. Cross-registration is not available for General Education courses. SACHEM courses may count as major requirements with approval of the relevant Department Chair.

SACHEM Registration Forms may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office and final approval is granted by the Office of Academic Services and the particular college involved. In accordance with Stonehill College policy, the transfer of credit to Stonehill is given only for courses with a grade of “C” or better and only the credits received are added to the permanent record. The grade received is recorded on the permanent record at the college where the course is taken. Students are responsible for adherence to the academic regulations of the institution involved.

University of Portland Exchange Program

Students interested in the environment have the opportunity to study the ecology of the Pacific Northwest and experience living in a particularly ecologically conscious region of the United States by studying full-time for one of two semesters at the University of Portlansd, Oregon. Tuition is covered within the student’s full-time tuition charge at Stonehill. Students interested in the University of Portland Exchange Program should speak to Professor Susan Mooney, The Environmental Sciences and Studies Program Director, for more information, and apply through Stonehill’s Office of International Programs.

Engineering Dual-Degree Programs (B.A./B.S.)

An agreement with The University of Notre Dame allows students who complete three years at Stonehill and two years at Notre Dame to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stonehill and a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Notre Dame in one of a variety of engineering fields, including Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Earth Sciences, and Aerospace Engineering. The dual degree ensures that students will graduate with both a strong liberal arts background and the requisite knowledge for a career in an engineering field. The Stonehill degree will normally be a B.A. in Computer Science (for Computer Engineering), a B.A. in Chemistry (for Chemical Engineering), a B.A. in Environmental Studies (for Environmental Engineering or Environmental Earth Science), or a B.A. in Physics (for the other engineering fields).

Cooperative Agreements with Simmons College (Boston, MA) for Accelerated Graduate Admissions

These agreements provide accelerated admissions for qualified Stonehill graduates into several of the Master’s programs at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the programs include: Children’s Literature, Communications Management, Education (MAT and MS), English, Gender/Cultural Studies, and Spanish. In the School for Health Studies, Stonehill graduates who wish to pursue a Master’s in Healthcare Administration may apply courses taken at Stonehill to the Simmons College graduate program. Interested students should contact their academic advisor, the Office of Career Services, or the Office of the Dean of Academic Achievement.

Cooperative Agreements with Post-Graduate Programs in the Health and Allied-Health Fields 

Each of the following agreements with graduate health and allied-health professions programs reserves a specific number of admissions slots for qualified Stonehill graduates.

Students interested in any of the following three programs should contact Andrew Leahy, Pre-Health Professions Advisor, in the Office of Career Services.


Qualified Stonehill students will have the opportunity in their first or second year to interview at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) School of Dental Medicine. Students interviewing successfully will be offered a provisional acceptance to LECOM’s Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) program. Upon meeting the criteria for final acceptance, they will matriculate at the LECOM Bradenton, FL campus.


Qualified Stonehill students will have the opportunity in their first or second year to interview at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). Up to five students annually who interview successfully will be offered a provisional acceptance to LECOM’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) program. Upon meeting the criteria for final acceptance, they will matriculate at the LECOM campus of their choice.


Each year up to three students who successfully meet established criteria will be assured admission into the Doctor of Optometry (OD) program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-Worcester.


Students interested in any of the following agreements should contact Professor Sheila Barry in the Biology Department, who is the Pre-Allied Health Professions Advisor.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Most science majors meet the requirements necessary for this post-graduate career opportunity; students from other fields can fulfill the prerequisite courses with careful advising and planning. The 15-month Nuclear Medicine Technologist post-graduate program at Regis College in, Weston, MA will accept qualified Stonehill candidates and will award them a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging with a concentration in Nuclear Medicine.

Nurse Practitioner

Qualified Stonehill graduates who have successfully completed the pre-requisites will be considered for preferred admission to the Direct Entry Nursing program at Simmons College in Boston. This Nurse Practitioner program is a three-year full-time program for undergraduates with a degree in an academic discipline other than nursing, leading to an M.S. in nursing and preparation for the NP exam.

Registered Nurse

Qualified Stonehill graduates may be admitted to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, leading to certification and licensure as a Registered Nurse. This Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN) accelerated post-baccalaureate 16-month program is for students who have met all pre-professional course requirements.


Eligible Stonehill graduates may matriculate into the 34-month Doctor of Pharmacy program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, MA. This intensive full-time, year-round program is one of the few in the country that offers this type of accelerated course of study.

Physical Therapist

An agreement with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, MA facilitates preferred admission for students into their graduate physical therapy program after specific requirements have been met. The year-round, 32-month program leading to a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) is for those who have a degree in a field other than physical therapy.

Physician Assistant

Stonehill graduates who successfully meet established criteria will be admitted to the Master of Physician Assistant Studies 30-month Program, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston, or the Master of Physician Assistant Studies 24-month Program at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, MA.

Public Health, Biotechnology, Exercise Physiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Stonehill College has an affiliation agreement with Northeastern University in Boston for the preceding four graduate programs. Information is available from Professor Sheila Barry on these career options as well as the recommendations for admission. Each of them is an exciting opportunity that has the potential for careers helping others and fulfills a great need in healthcare in the 21st century. 

Academic Resources

Academic Services and Advising

The Office of Academic Services and Advising develops, coordinates, and provides one-on-one Academic Advising and group programing that enables students to reach their educational and career goals. The Office of Academic Services and Advising coordinates all of the College’s resources to focus on and advocate for individual student success. The Office fosters advising and academic support services that bring faculty and students together to work toward intellectual and personal excellence.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists students in achieving their academic and/or career goals through self-assessment, career exploration, internship and employment options, post-graduate service opportunities, and advanced degree information.

Starting in the first year, students are asked to identify interests, values and skills. Sophomores are encouraged to research and explore the many careers that reflect students’ strengths. Juniors define and experiment with career options through internships, service, research opportunities, and study away experiences. Finally, seniors implement their plans by applying for jobs, graduate school or post-graduate service. The Office offers individual appointments and walk-in hours for  resume and cover letter critiques, mock interviews, internship/job search advice, and other graduate school or service-related topics.


Transformation via Discovery: Explore Evaluate Engage. The MacPhaidin Library, Archives, and Historical Collections provides students with the resources needed to become successful seekers and users of information. Through our collections and consultations we enable students to transform themselves and their Stonehill experience via the discovery of new ideas. In the Library and Archives, students can engage with rich collections and find unique opportunities for experiential learning. By fostering critical thinkers, the Library and Archives encourage students to confidently explore resources and become adept at evaluating the vast network of information around them. We offer: research consultations; in-person, phone, email, and chat reference; instruction sessions; group study spaces, including computer labs; print, electronic, streaming media, and primary source collections; interlibrary loan of items from library collections around the world; internship opportunities; and Ace’s Place Café, which serves prepared meals and Starbucks drinks.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to providing quality support services that are responsive to the needs of the College community. This Office safeguards the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality, and security of the student information system and of students’ academic records; and provides the accurate and timely dissemination of information. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for preparing the course schedule each semester, the academic calendar, the registration process and the scheduling of rooms and labs.

Center for Nonprofit Management

The Center for Nonprofit Management works with and builds the leadership and management capacity of community-based nonprofit organizations throughout southeastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.

The Center is focused on enhancing critical management skills, while also fostering relationships with and among the region’s diverse community-based organizations so that they may better achieve their missions. Drawing on expertise within the nonprofit sector and Stonehill, the Center conducts research and provides workshops and other learning programs for the region’s local nonprofits. Various internship opportunities are also offered throughout the year to Stonehill students with a demonstrated interest and passion for the nonprofit sector. Additionally, the Center hosts the Developing Fundraising Leaders Institute in conjunction with the Advancement Division, a program for selected students aimed at developing nonprofit leadership skills.

Joseph W. Martin Institute for Law and Society

The Joseph W. Martin Institute for Law and Society prepares students for leadership as active citizens in service to an improved human community. The Martin Institute challenges faculty and students through rigorous, critical interdisciplinary inquiry into law and society by linking theory and practice in a curriculum based upon exploration of the vital issues of public policy and social justice. The Martin Institute is in the midst of a two-year study of Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Economic Development and will host a variety of events, speakers, discussions, and films.

Center for Writing and Academic Achievement 

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA) is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association and all of its services are offered at no cost to the student. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Center’s valuable resources to enrich their academic experience.

Peer Tutoring

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA) offers a variety of individual and group tutoring options for students seeking assistance in specific subject areas. Writing tutors use a series of questions to work with students individually to address “higher-order concerns,” such as argumentation, organization, and voice, before moving on to “later-order concerns,” such as grammar, syntax, mechanics, and citation formats. They help students with assignments from any discipline and at any stage of the writing process. Students may walk-in or make an appointment.

Teaching Assistants and Writing Fellows

Teaching Assistants are undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior knowledge in a course and are interested in providing academic support in that course under the mentorship of the faculty member. A Writing Fellow is an undergraduate teaching assistant who is specifically charged with supporting writing activities in the classroom.

Disability Services

Stonehill College is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities, programs, resources, and facilities. Housed in Academic Services and Advising. The Office of Disability Services is a supportive, proactive environment for students with documented disabilities. Working closely with each student and the greater campus community, ODS will determine and coordinate reasonable accommodations that seek to create a level playing field for all students. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Disability Services if they have, or think they may have, a disability.