Aug 12, 2022  
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) 
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025)

Italian Studies Minor

Program Director:

Daria Valentini
Office: Merkert Tracy 339
Phone: 508-565-1254

Learning Goals

Upon completion of their course of study, Italian Studies students will:

  1. Demonstrate at a minimum Intermediate-high speaking skills and Advanced-low writing skills in Italian (as established by ACTFL guidelines). In doing so, they will demonstrate high proficiency in understanding the Italian grammatical and syntactical structure.
  2. Analyze texts of different length and nature, both in Italian and English, to grasp cultural, social, artistic, political, historical issues relevant to Italian culture.
  3. Explore Italian culture, orally and in writing, through an interdisciplinary perspective.
  4. Possess knowledge of social, artistic, political and historical issues relevant to Italy and diversity in contemporary Italy.
  5. Communicate in Italian by speaking and/or writing in a variety of contexts.

Program Requirements

The interdisciplinary minor in Italian Studies requires the completion of six courses determined in consultation with the minor advisor.

Complete Six Courses

* ITA 131 - Elementary Italian I  and ITA 132 - Elementary Italian II  (if students have no prior knowledge of Italian or have taken up if 1 year of high school Italian) are required for the minor.

**Students with prior knowledge of Italian can place out of ITA 231 - Intermediate Italian I  and/or ITA 232 - Intermediate Italian II , in which case they would be exempted from taking the elementary level.

Students placing above ITA 232 - Intermediate Italian II would begin their study at the upper intermediate level (ITA 251 ) or at the advanced level (ITA 337 ).

At least two courses must be at the upper level (above ITA 231-232).


Students may also choose from a list of electives taught at the College or in Italy (in Italian or in English) and request approval for a course from the program director, Prof. D. Valentini. The list of courses is updated every semester, so please contact the program director for an approved list of electives.

Study Abroad for Italian Studies Minors

If a student chooses to study abroad, up to two courses taken in Italy can be counted toward the minor with consent by the Director. After a preliminary meeting with the International Programs Office, each student taking Italian in Italy must obtain the approval of the Italian Studies Program Director and signature.

The credits will be transferred to Stonehill, only if the approval is granted prior to the beginning of the course. No approvals will be granted retroactively.