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2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) 
2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

French, B.A.

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The Department shares in the mission of the College by offering courses at various levels in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish which meet Cornerstone Program requirements.

The Department has majors in French and Spanish, as well as a major in Foreign Languages which allows students to combine two of the following foreign languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Department also offers minor programs in French, German, Italian Studies and Spanish. Current technology, in the forms of audiovisual media and computer-assisted instruction, provides authentic language models and enhances learning. Moreover, Foreign Language majors are required to spend a semester abroad in an approved program of study or in one of the international internships sponsored by Stonehill College.


  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in a foreign language in both oral and written forms.
  • Students will appreciate and understand a foreign culture, its values and institutions, including relevant aspects of history, art and geography.
  • Students will learn the linguistic, cultural, aesthetic, and critical contributions of foreign literatures.

Major in Spanish or French: This consists of 10 upper division courses (300 level and above), which ordinarily must include the Advanced Language courses (FRN 331 -FRN 332  or SPA 331 - SPA 332 ), the Survey of Culture and Civilization, and Literature courses (FRN 333 - FRN 334  / FRN 335 -FRN 336  or SPA 333 -SPA 334  / SPA 335 -SPA 336 ). The French Cinema course (FRN 340 ) may be substituted for one of the French Survey of Culture and Civilization courses (FRN 333 -FRN 334 ) or French Survey of Literature courses (FRN 335 -FRN 336 ).

Major in Foreign Languages: Combined study of two foreign languages; e.g., Spanish and French, French and German, etc. This consists of six upper division courses in one foreign language area (300 level and above), and of four courses in a second foreign language area, of which at least two are upper level.

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