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2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) 
2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Education - Elementary Education Concentration, B.A.

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Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure Annual Institution Report Results for Program Year 2008-2009

Category   Pass-rate
Communications/Literacy Aggregate   100%
Academic Content Area Aggregate   99%
Summary Totals and Pass Rate   98%


Licensure Program: Elementary Education (1-6)

The Department of Education Studies offers a major in Education Studies, with a concentration in Elementary Education, which leads to initial licensure from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Elementary, 1-6).

Required Education Courses: Elementary

Liberal Arts/Sciences Strand


Elementary Education majors are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to complete coursework covering: composition, American Literature, world history (including European History, from ancient time to present), American History, geography, economics, U.S. government (including founding documents), child development, science laboratory work, and mathematics and science coursework appropriate for the elementary school teacher.

These requirements are completed as part of liberal arts/science strand coursework listed above or as part of General Education requirements. A waiver may be granted if student provides evidence that content has been obtained from other courses or experiences.

Liberal Arts/Science Major:

In addition to Education coursework, Elementary Education majors must complete a liberal arts/science major from the following list: American Studies, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Language (combined, French, or Spanish), Gender Studies, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Studies, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

Suggested Course Sequence: Elementary

Education students should consult with their Education advisor to create an online 4-year plan and make adjustments as needed. Requirements for liberal arts/science major should be spread evenly over four years, as recommended by student’s advisor for that major.

Senior Year


In order to enroll in EDU 412 - Practicum: Elementary Education  during senior year, the elementary education major must: (a) hold a 3.0 GPA; (b) pass all sections of the Massachusetts Tests of Educational Licensure (MTEL); and (c) complete all Education coursework, or obtain consent of the Department Chair. EDU 412  may be completed either fall or spring semester of senior year.

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