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2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) 
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Visual and Performing Arts

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Department Chairperson:
Adam Lampton
Office: Cushing-Martin 030
Phone: 508-565-1954

S. Savage-Rumbaugh

Associate Professors:
D. Kinsey
A. Lampton
L. Redpath (Sabbatical, Spring 2020)
C. Vallee Morgan
C. Walters

Assistant Professors:
J. Bohn
M. Greene
V. Robertson
A. Sheckler
C. Smith Corby
G. Stanton

Faculty Fellows:
A. Angelone
A. Popa
Carole Calo Gallery Director:
C. Smith Corby

Production Manager and Technical Designer:
J. Petty

The department offers majors in Arts & Visual Culture (with concentrations in Arts Administration, Studio Arts, and Visual Studies), Graphic Design, and Performing Arts (with concentrations in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Cross-Disciplinary Performance).  Students have also developed innovative interdisciplinary programs in art and expressive therapies that allow for exploration outside of our traditional majors.

Minors in Arts Administration, Art History, Dance, Graphic Design, Music, Music Technology, Studio Arts and Theatre Arts are also offered.

Departmental Mission

The Visual and Performing Arts Department provides a variety of courses to enhance students’ Liberal Arts foundation through appreciation of the world’s cultural past and present. Students develop perceptual and analytical skills while exploring the ideological, religious, political, and personal forces that have shaped creative expression throughout the centuries and into today.

In Art History, Music History and Theatre History courses students gain an appreciation for the artistic and musical modes through which artists have grappled with essential aspects of the human condition in various cultures during different historical periods. In Studio, Performance, and Theatre Arts classes, through hands-on study of specific techniques, students explore their own creative potential and its practical application in the wider world.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Stonehill prepares students for a world where problems are solved by those who can think creatively and who can work between traditional roles. Our curriculum is designed to encourage disciplinary overlap and independent thinking while allowing for the studio artist, dancer, actor, musician, designer, administrator or art historian to engage with the unique language of the tradition. All students begin with a core curriculum that stresses a broad understanding of the arts and an ability to contextualize one’s education within the larger creative fields. Starting with these shared values, students then move into Graphic Design, Art and Visual Culture or Performing Arts, choosing a concentration in the specific discipline that most interests them. At the end of their program, students participate in a “Capstone” experience that synthesizes their experiences into a formal project, performance or internship. All this while passionately pursuing their dreams.

Learning Goals

Majors in Arts and Visual Culture will:

  • Place a work of art within its historical, philosophical and socio-economic context
  • Demonstrate knowledge of at least three art historical methodologies by employing critical theory
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and sensitivity to form, line, shape, rhythm, volume, plane, pattern (repetition and variation), texture, space, value, color, content and style as it applies to 2d/3d and time-based media.
  • Develop appropriate vocabulary for describing visual and artistic phenomena.
  • Begin to form personal vision and identify taste or preference for various modes of visual expression as well as recognize certain thematic interests.

Majors in Performing Arts will:

  • Have the ability to conduct research in medium-specific histories.
  • Publicly and professionally perform or support performance by engaging in a theatrical/ musical/ or dance productions consistently throughout a 4-year career.
  • Develop time management and budgeting skills
  • Develop proficiency in a performance related field (instrument, dance, acting etc.)

Majors in Graphic Design will:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies as well as participate in applied learning experiences that graduate schools and employers seek.
  • Work successfully as a member of a creative team.
  • Sharpen visual communication skills.
  • Accurately gather and process information.
  • Creatively problem solve.
  • Develop the skills to produce concepts and visual communication solutions in a variety of media.
  • Gain knowledge of the different uses of effective, persuasive communication tools to reach and appeal to target audiences.



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