May 16, 2022  
2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) 
2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]


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Marilena Hall, Program Director

L. Liotta

Associate Professors:
C. Almeida
M. Hall

Assistant Professor:
M. James-Pederson

The Biochemistry Program, offered through the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, grants a B.S. and a minor in Biochemistry. The elucidation of life processes at the molecular level is the principal goal of biochemistry. Biochemistry is a discipline, yet at the same time it is an interdisciplinary science drawing many themes from the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry. It is distinctive, however, in its emphasis on the following three areas of study: (1) the chemical composition and three-dimensional structures of biomolecules and macromolecular assemblies; (2) the molecular mechanisms of enzymatic catalysis and regulation of biochemical reactions; and (3) the metabolic reactions which synthesize and degrade biomolecules, with an emphasis on bioenergetics.

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