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2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) 
2010-2011 HillBook (Class of 2014) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]


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Michael E. Tirrell, Chairperson

J. Hurley
B. Klentz
J. Nash
R. Perkins

Associate Professors:
L. Craton
J. McCoy
E. O’Hea
C. Poirier
M. Tirrell

The Department of Psychology offers a major and minor in Psychology.

The Psychology Department seeks to establish in students a strong foundation in the discipline. Emphasis is placed on examining and experiencing the research that has contributed to the current understanding of human behavior, mental processes, and emotional experience. In addition to learning basic principles in the core courses, Psychology students become fully involved in the science by designing and conducting research, analyzing data, and presenting findings. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to pursue individual interests through elective courses. Together, the core courses and the electives prepare students for graduate work and for a variety of career paths. Finally, the department promotes student application of psychological principles for personal enrichment and for meaningful community service.

The Curriculum

The Psychology curriculum begins with PSY 101 - General Psychology , a course that introduces students to the various areas within the field. General Psychology exposes students to the terminology, theories and methods that are part of psychology today. PSY 101  is a prerequisite for all other courses in the Department except PSY 261 .

After the completion of General Psychology, students are able to enroll in all 200 level courses and most 300 level courses. It is recommended that 200 level courses be taken before 300 level courses, though that is not a requirement. The 400 level courses are geared for students who have a solid background in the field and are usually taken during the Junior and Senior years.

It is generally recommended that PSY 261 - Introduction to Statistics  and PSY 271 - Research Methods in Psychology  be completed by the end of the first semester of the Junior year. It is also advisable to, if possible, take PSY 261  and PSY 271  in consecutive semesters.

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