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2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) 
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

ENG 100/163 - American Nightmare/American Dream: Dystopic and Utopic American Literature (Core/First-Year Seminar)

Three or Four Credits
Offered Periodically

What do The Hunger Games and the Declaration of Independence have in common? Or Thoreau’s Walden and Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Each offers a vision of a future American society and asks us to reexamine the principles that shape it. In this course we will explore how writers from John Winthrop to Charlotte Perkins Gilman to Octavia Butler have imagined America in literature

Prerequisite(s)/Restriction(s): ENG 163 is a First-Year Seminar and open to First-Year Students only.
General Education Attribute(s): ENG 100, for 3-credits, fulfills the Literature Cornerstone.
ENG 163, for 4-credits, fulfills the First-Year Seminar and Literature Cornerstone.