Apr 01, 2023  
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) 
2021-2022 Hill Book (Class of 2025) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

BIO 332 - Applied Bioinformatics

Four Credits
Spring Semesters

This course explores the growing field of Bioinformatics through hands-on and project-based learning. Students will learn basic skills in processing common biological data streams including programming in R and/or Python. Students will engage in team research projects that will require in depth learning and experimentation with various bioinformatics programs and algorithms to investigate a common theme or dataset. The exact project topics will be determined on a term-by-term basis and will aim to target current primary literature and new data sources.

Prerequisite(s)/Restriction(s): Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing.
Course Applies to: Biochemistry, Data Analytics, Environmental Science & Studies, Neuroscience
Note: This course counts as an upper-level Bioinformatics elective for Biology majors.