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2022-2023 Hill Book (Class of 2026) 
2022-2023 Hill Book (Class of 2026) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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Department Chairperson:
Peter Mahoney
Office: Duffy Academic Center 236
Phone: 508-565-1680
A. Barbagallo
J. C. Martín
Associate Professors:
J. Golden
P. Mahoney
J. Martínez
Assistant Professors:

The study of languages is an integral part of a liberal arts education. The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers majors in French, Spanish, as well as a major in Dual Languages, which allows students to combine two of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Department also offers minor programs in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish and collaborates with the interdisciplinary minor program in Italian Studies .

Our Department’s course offerings as well as those offered by the interdisciplinary program in Italian Studies meet General Education requirements. Native speakers of a language other than English may satisfy the College’s language requirement by taking two courses taught in their native language or in a different one.

Departmental Mission

The departmental mission for majors in Dual Languages, French, and Spanish is:

  • to teach all levels of languages, literatures, and cultures;
  • to promote cross-cultural understanding;
  • to present models of effective pedagogy;
  • to serve the College and wider community in areas pertaining to languages, literatures and cultures;
  • to provide students with information and experience necessary to become better informed global citizens;
  • to expose students to other worldviews, sensitize them to differences, and promote ideas of inclusion, understanding, and acceptance of diverse perspectives-necessary skills in multicultural and multilingual societies in the United States and elsewhere;
  • to enable students to expand their sphere of personal and cultural references on a global scale;
  • to produce graduates who think critically and are more competitive in the global job market since they are better able to identify and navigate cultural barriers.

Learning Goals

Learning Goals of the Dual Language Major, French Major, and Spanish Major:

  • The students will develop interpersonal communication skills in the target language
  • The students will develop presentational speaking skills in the target language
  • The students will develop written communication skills in the target language
  • The students will develop interpretive listening and reading skills in the target language
  • The students will develop an awareness of the many cultural aspects (literary, among others) in the target language
For more specific information about learning goals for each major and minor, see the [insert hyperlink to list of ACTFL Guidelines for each program]. 



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