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2022-2023 Hill Book (Class of 2026) 
2022-2023 Hill Book (Class of 2026) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Management Information Systems

Program Director:

Michael J. Sale
Office: Meehan Business Building 229
Phone: 508-565-5629

The Business Administration Department  offers a minor in Management Information Systems which requires the completion of six courses.

Mission of the Program

Information systems are extremely important to every organization and are critical to both strategic and day-to-day decision making.  Knowledge of the fundamentals of information systems and how they work, as well as the ability to learn and use specialized software, has gone from being something that was “nice to know” to something that is essential to just about every job.  This means that graduates who can lead teams and projects that integrate information systems into business processes are in high demand.

This minor is designed to help students in any discipline understand the core concepts in information systems and how they are used in virtually every public or private organization, and in any discipline.  This program does not require any detailed knowledge of computing or information technology, nor is extensive computer programming required.  Students in both the Sciences and Humanities are encouraged to pursue this minor. 

Learning Goals

Through their coursework students will learn:

  • the foundational concepts of information systems, databases, and the Internet;
  • how to research, assess, and recommend an information system that will aid in accomplishing organizational goals;
  • how to leverage information technology to assist in decision making;
  • how to use popular software utilized in corporations all over the world;
  • exciting innovative ways that information systems are being used to change the way businesses function and remain competitive.