Dec 10, 2018  
2013-2014 HillBook (Class of 2017) 
2013-2014 HillBook (Class of 2017) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Psychology, B.A.


Students, in consultation with their psychology faculty advisors, will design their own sequence. Examples of sequences students can design include school psychology sequence, clinical psychology sequence, industrial-organizational psychology sequence, graduate school experimental psychology sequence, Masters level counseling psychology sequence, etc. The students’ choices should be guided by their present and future goals.

All students are required to take at least 11 Psychology courses. These must include: 


Any Junior and Senior Psychology majors with GPA’s of 3.00 or greater desiring to enroll in either 

  or   must schedule an appointment with Dr. Ellie Stein, the Psychology Department Internship Coordinator, prior to completing any Internship Application paperwork or contacting any placement sites.

The meeting should take place during the last month of the semester preceding the semester during which the internship will be completed. In addition to completing 120 hours of field placement for a three credit internship, students will be expected to submit professional journal entries weekly and to meet periodically both individually and in group settings with Dr. Stein. Readings and additional writing assignments will be assigned as necessary in order to enhance performance at the placement.

Only one Internship may be included as part of the courses needed to fulfill the major.