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2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) 
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Visual and Performing Arts, B.A., Theatre Arts Concentration

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The concentration in Theatre Arts provides the student with an additional focus of study in the humanities, education, and collaborative arts. The study of drama incorporates theoretical and practical knowledge in a variety of areas touching many cultures and eras. The personal development of the student is aided by a deeper understanding of the workings of the human imagination and emotions, the use of the body and voice as a means of expression, and the complexities of interpersonal relationships as seen in art and life. By taking part in the production of plays, the student’s sense of responsibility and self-discipline are further tested and strengthened. This program enables students to pursue further goals which may include: graduate work in theatre and related fields; creative dramatics in primary, secondary and special needs education; writing; development of community theatres; arts management; and careers stressing interpersonal communication.

The Visual and Performing Arts Major with a Concentration in Theatre Arts requires 11 courses.

Additional Courses

Of the eleven courses required, nine must be Theatre Arts (VPT) courses, (VPT 225  and VPT 226  are excluded).

The other two courses may be additional Theatre Arts (VPT) courses, or chosen from the following: COM 215 , COM 220 , EDU 316 , ENG 204 , ENG 280 , ENG 322 , ENG 324 , ENG 325 , ENG 326 , ENG 327 , ENG 353 , ENG 354 , ENG 357 , ENG 381 , ENG 382 , VPD 141 , VPM 232 , VPD 256 ,



Theatre Arts Capstone

Seniors are required to take a Capstone course in their major area of study.

Students may contact Professor Patricia Sankus for details about the Capstone Practicum.

Production Requirements

Along with course work, the student must participate in at least four departmental productions (not including work required by courses). The work may involve performance, directing, dramaturgy, design, playwriting, publicity or technical areas and must be approved by the Program Director.

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