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    Stonehill College
  Feb 23, 2018
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

French, B.A.


  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in a foreign language in both oral and written forms.
  • Students will appreciate and understand a foreign culture, its values and institutions, including relevant aspects of history, art and geography.
  • Students will learn the linguistic, cultural, aesthetic, and critical contributions of foreign literatures.


The major in French consists of 10 upper level courses (300-level and above), which ordinarily must include the following advanced language courses:


FRN 340 - French Cinema  may be substituted for one of the French Survey of Culture and Civilization courses, or French Survey of Literature courses.

Study Abroad Requirement

  • All majors in French, Spanish, and Foreign Languages are required to spend a semester abroad in an approved program of study or in one of the international internships sponsored by Stonehill College.