Jun 16, 2021  
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023) 
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Physics, B.A./Aerospace Engineering, B.S. Dual Degree

Physics Department Chairperson

Alessandro Massarotti
Office: Shields Science Center 303
Phone: 508-565-1430

Engineering Program Director:

Ralph J. Bravaco
Office: College Center 226-C
Phone: 508-565-1077

Physics Department Requirements for the 3+2 Engineering Program with The University of Notre Dame

Stonehill College offers a Dual Degree Engineering Program  in collaboration with The University of Notre Dame. Here we list the Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Math courses required by our department prior to the transfer to The University of Notre Dame at the end of the junior year.

Successfully completing these courses and finishing the studies at Notre Dame leads to a B.A. in Physics from Stonehill College and a B.S. in Engineering from The University of Notre Dame.

General Education Requirements

In addition to the courses above, students must also fulfill the Cornerstone requirements of Stonehill College before transferring to The University of Notre Dame.

Course work taken in the first year at The University of Notre Dame fulfill the senior capstone requirement of the Stonehill major.