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2017-2018 HillBook (Class of 2021) 
2017-2018 HillBook (Class of 2021) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Neuroscience, B.S.

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Program Director:

John McCoy
Office: Shields Science Center 215
Phone: 508-565-1347

The Neuroscience major at Stonehill provides a strong education in the fundamentals of neuroscience at the same time that it allows students to emphasize either the psychological or the biological aspects of the field. Students who have focused on the psychological aspects are prepared for graduate work in psychology and careers in clinical psychology, counseling, and behavioral research. Students with a focus on the biological side of neuroscience are prepared for a variety of careers in medicine, pharmacology, biomedical research, and the allied health fields.

The major in Neuroscience requires the completion of Seventeen Courses.

Complete a Capstone in Neuroscience

Additional Suggested Courses

  1. Students who major in Neuroscience usually enroll in one of the following two Learning Communities in the Sophomore year: 
    a. LC 351 - Learning Community: Mind, Health & Education  (which is taken with PSY 415  and NEU 200 ), OR
    b. LC 209 - Learning Community: Organic Chemistry of the Cell  (which is taken with BIO 211  and CHM 222 ).
  2. It is strongly recommended that all Neuroscience majors take two semesters of English. 
  3. Students who plan to apply to either medical school or a graduate program with a heavy biology focus should also take the following recommended courses:

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