Oct 16, 2018  
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) 
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Criminology, B.A.

Department Chairperson:

Department Chairperson:
Ann Marie Rocheleau
Office: Martin Institute 237
Phone: 508-565-1982

Criminology is an interdisciplinary program which has a liberal arts foundation stressing critical thinking and communication skills. The program requires that students take a critical look at aspects of the criminal justice system such as police, courts, prisons, diversion programs, criminal laws and restorative justice practices. In addition to this institutional analysis, other courses examine the nature of individuals and groups which are in conflict with the law. Direct contact with social service or criminal justice agencies is required through an internship placement.

This program is more aligned with the liberal arts aspects of undergraduate education than it is with training for careers in criminal justice and social service, but it does help to prepare students for entry-level employment as well as graduate and law school.

The major in Criminology requires the completion of ten courses.

Complete Two Law-Related Courses


Two of the following Political Science or Psychology courses may be taken for Criminology major or minor concentrations, provided that the courses are not being counted toward a major or minor in another department.