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2015-2016 HillBook (Class of 2019) 
2015-2016 HillBook (Class of 2019) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]


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Department Chairperson:
Akira Motomura (Sabbatical, Spring 2016)
Office: Duffy Academic Center 290
Phone: 508-565-1149

Sean Mulholland (Acting Chair, Spring 2016)
Office: Duffy Academic Center 283
Phone: 508-565-1257

H. Kazemi
S. Mulholland
R. Rosenthal (Sabbatical, Fall 2015)

Associate Professors:
P. Chandra
N. Hammerle
M. Kazarosian
A. Motomura

The Department of Economics offers a major and minor in Economics.

Departmental Mission

“Our mission is to provide a curriculum and learning experience in the theory and practice of modern economics.  We provide the foundation for applying theory to classic microeconomic issues like prices and quantities in markets and macroeconomic issues like unemployment, growth and inflation.  We also explore recent advances in economic thinking about human behavior and their implications.  In all courses, we strive to help the student ask, and answer questions both creatively and critically.  With that goal in mind, teaching analytical and communication skills is central to the Stonehill economics curriculum.


“The Department recognizes an intellectual, cultural, and social duty to the community and pledges its resources to that end when appropriate and feasible.”

Learning Outcomes

Majors in Economics will:

  1. Gain an understanding of and ability to apply microeconomic and macroeconomic theory to the world around us.
  2. Apply theory and quantitative analysis to historical perspectives, specific markets, social issues and public policy.
  3. Gain a foundation for success in performing analysis and developing strategy in fields like law, public policy analysis, investment banking, financial markets, industry, consulting, government service, and non-profit organizations





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