Dec 11, 2018  
2014-2015 HillBook (Class of 2018) 
2014-2015 HillBook (Class of 2018) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

Physics and Astronomy

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Department Chairperson:
Michael A. Horne

A. Goddu
M. Horne

Associate Professor:
M. Gunawardena
A. Massarotti (Sabbatical, Spring 2015)

Faculty Fellow:
D. Simon

Professor Emeritus:
C. Raymo

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a B.S. in Physics, with an optional Astronomy concentration. The department also offers a B.A. in Physics with an optional Astronomy concentration and minors in both Physics and Astronomy. The B.A. in Physics can also be awarded as part of Stonehill’s Engineering 3+2 Program with the University of Notre Dame.

Departmental Mission

The mission of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is the dissemination of science to students who major in other disciplines. We currently offer six courses for the Cornerstone Program, covering topics that range from the history of physics and astronomy, to the foundations of quantum physics and relativity, to the search for planets around other stars and for life in the cosmos.

Learning Outcomes

Majors in Physics and/or participating in the 5-year Dual Degree Engineering Program with the University of Notre Dame will:

  1. demonstrate a clear understanding of these five core curriculum areas: classical mechanics & relativity, electromagnetism, optics & waves, quantum mechanics & atomic physics, and astrophysics.
  2. use the aforementioned knowledge in physics as well as in the math required to do physics to describe and explain physical systems.
  3. understand how science is performed: observation, hypothesis development, experimental design & execution, data collection and interpretation.
  4. understand the philosophical, ethical, and societal dimensions of physics as a human endeavor.


    MajorMinorEngineering Dual Degree

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