Mar 20, 2019  
2015-2016 HillBook (Class of 2019) 
2015-2016 HillBook (Class of 2019) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

LC 333 - Learning Community: Communicating & Miscommunicating in Washington, D.C.

Three Credits
Spring Semester

The seminar integrates a course on American political development taught by a political scientist with a course on campaign communications and strategy taught by a practitioner with an expertise in traditional and new media. The seminar looks at the current state of leadership in Washington and the changing nature of political communications. It will meet on Thursday evenings and over two weeks in Washington D.C. Our time in D.C. will consist of a rigorous series of seminars with leaders of the three branches of government, political parties, interest groups, think tanks, academia, and the media and is designed to combine traditional academic work with seminars with prominent individuals in government, journalism, and the non-profit sector in Washington. This will be an opportunity to apply our knowledge of power politics, political communications, and democratic ideals to the real world of American government in Washington, D.C. In the Spring, the class will travel to Washington, D.C.

Corequisite(s): Students must also take POL 357  and POL 390  as part of this Learning Community.
An additional fee will be charged to student’s tuition bill.