Nov 19, 2018  
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) 
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

HON 400 - Honors Thesis Seminar

One Credit
Spring Semester

HON 400 provides a fitting close to students’ experience in the Moreau Honors Program by requiring them: (1) to gather as a community for biweekly sessions (100 minutes) throughout the spring semester of their senior year: (2) to engage in workshops on graduate school and career possibilities in conversation with administrators and alumni, and (3) to give presentations in HON 400 on the capstone projects for their majors, which will be presented in the Moreau Honors Program. Please note that this is not a new a requirement for the program, but replaces an Honors Capstone form with a course-based experience.

Prerequisite(s): Open to Senior Moreau Honor Scholars only.