Nov 15, 2018  
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) 
2012-2013 HillBook (Class of 2016) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

BIO 498 - Senior Honors Thesis I

One Credit
Fall Semester

The course provides the opportunity for a student to write a senior thesis based on an independent research (BIO 496), a research internship (BIO 475), a S.U.R.E. project, or other college-level biological research experience. Students are encouraged to complete most or all of the research prior to enrollment in BIO 498. This course is graded Pass/Fail and is only available in the Fall semester.

Prerequisite(s): Approval of both the faculty member directing the project (thesis advisor) and the Department Chairperson is required. Open to senior Biology and Neuroscience majors only.

This course in combination with

  fulfills the Capstone requirement