Jun 05, 2020  
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023) 
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023)

APL 090 - Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS)

One Credit
Spring Semester

Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS) is an interdisciplinary, student-centered program that fosters engagement and active learning by creating an environment for students to share their passions, wisdom, and knowledge with one another. The IDEAS Program is organized around peer-facilitated courses. These one credit, pass/fail, elective classes are intended to compliment, rather than replace, students’ traditional academic experiences. Indeed, one of the program’s main goals is to enhance student engagement in classes outside of the IDEAS Program.

Enrollment is limited to no fewer than four and no more than eight students in order to promote discussion and engagement. IDEAS courses meet for approximately two hours per week over thirteen weeks; students are required to attend and participate in each class meeting.

Note: IDEAS courses are pass/fail and their topics vary from year to year. Students may enroll in only one IDEAS course each spring, but may take a total of three in their Stonehill career as long as topics differ. Specific topics and descriptions offered each Spring semester can be found on the Registrar’s website.

For more information on IDEAS, contact Prof. Sarah Gracombe, English Department.