Jan 28, 2021  
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023) 
2019-2020 Hill Book (Class of 2023)

PSY 441 - Advanced Research Externship I

Three Credits
Fall Semester

The purpose of the advanced Research Externship is to provide upper-level (3rd and 4th year) students with opportunities to gain research experience working on large federally funded NIH grants at a large universities or medical schools. Students are expected to work 10 hours a week in a research lab at Brown University, Harvard University, or UMASS Medical School.

Prerequisite(s)/Restriction(s): PSY 101  and PSY 261 . Open to Psychology majors. Instructor Permission required.
Note: Completion of both PSY 441 and PSY 442  fulfills the Capstone in Psychology.