Oct 23, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate HillBook (Class of 2021) 
2017-2018 Undergraduate HillBook (Class of 2021)

ECO 475 - Internship in Economic Research

Three Credits
Fall and Spring Semesters

Students work at a business, government or not-for profit organization (sponsor) under the supervision of both a faculty member and the sponsor. The field of study and sponsoring organization is specific to the student’s interest. In the past, students have worked in a wide variety of fields, including brokerage firms, state and local government agencies, private banks, consulting organizations and policy research institutes. The student’s main academic requirement is to successfully complete a detailed paper describing the connection between their internship responsibilities and economic theory and quantitative techniques.

Prerequisite(s)/Restriction(s): Minimum 3.0 GPA and permission of the Internship Coordinator and Department Chairperson.
Note: Must complete the “U.S. Internship Request for Approval” process found under the myPlans tab in myHill to register for this Internship.