Oct 15, 2019  
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) 
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

ENG 100/136 - What is Beauty? A Literary Investigation (Core/First-Year Seminar)

Three or Four Credits
Not Offered 2016-2017

This course is centered on what seems like a straightforward question: what is beauty? We will spend the semester reading and discussing texts that attempt to answer that question - a question that merges as surprisingly complex and potentially of profound significance to our conceptions of love, happiness, and justice.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 136 is a First-Year Seminar and open to First-Year Students only.
When offered as ENG 100, for 3-credits, fulfills the Literature Cornerstone Requirement.
When offered as ENG 136, for 4-credits, fulfills the First-Year Seminar and
Literature Cornerstone Requirements.