Oct 22, 2018  
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) 
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

CRM 353 - Ethics, Values, and Diversity in Criminal Justice

Three Credits
Fall and Spring Semester

It has been said that criminal justice is an infant discipline compared to most. Perhaps, according to the author of ethics in criminal justice, Sam Souryal, this explains why we tend to be more concerned about crime rather than justice, and process rather than philosophy. This course will examine the roles of ethics, value and diversity in all areas of our criminal justice system today. We will explore the major issues involved in establishing, implementing, and maintaining the highest standards of excellence, values and ethical behavior for professionals in our field. We will identify the major challenges the system is facing as it deals with an increasingly diverse society, exploring such issues as profiling, hate crimes, women in criminal justice, etc. We will identify the elements involved in making ethical decisions as provided by some of the earlier philosophers e.g. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. Leading to the principle of “Summum Bonum.” We will utilize this process in reasoning through numerous ethical scenarios we face daily in our criminal justice system. Finally, we will discuss the importance of leadership during these critical times, building the ideal environment, understanding diversity and temperament, and managing the various power bases that left unchecked may negatively impact our goals relative to ethic, values and diversity.

Prerequisite(s):   or  .
Course fulfills the Moral Inquiry Requirement.