Oct 20, 2018  
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) 
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

ENG 100/122 - Seven Nobel Laureates (Core/First-Year Seminar)

Three or Four Credits
Not Offered 2016-2017

In this course students will read from and write about the work of seven recent winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature who write in English. The seven laureates whom we’ll read are from various parts of the globe, but their recognition by the Nobel Committee suggests that their work speaks not just about its place of origin but to something beyond national borders. Is this perhaps what is meant by “world literature”? We’ll explore this question and others via the fiction of South Africans Nadine Gordimer and J. M. Coetzee, American Toni Morrison, and Trinidadian-born Briton V. S. Naipaul; the poetry of Seamus Heaney of Ireland and Derek Walcott of Saint Lucia; and the plays of London-born Harold Pinter. Naturally, we’ll read and discuss their Nobel lectures, too, as well as other prose works wherein our writers discuss why they write, for whom they write, and what they imagine the role of literature to be in the world.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122 is a First-Year Seminar and open to First-Year Students only.
When offered as ENG 100, for 3-credits, fulfills the Literature Cornerstone Requirement.
When offered as ENG 122, for 4-credits, fulfills the First-Year Seminar and
Literature Cornerstone Requirements.