Nov 13, 2018  
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) 
2016-2017 HillBook (Class of 2020) [ARCHIVED HILL BOOK]

BUS 206 - Quantitative Analysis

Three Credits
Fall and Spring Semesters

Introduction to the techniques and reasoning processes of statistical analysis. Emphasis on statistical reasoning and critical analysis of statistical evidence. Extensive use of statistical software is used to support computational tasks and conceptual understanding. Topics include study design, data collection, descriptive statistics, elementary probability, discrete and continuous distributions, confidence interval estimation, tests of hypotheses for numerical and categorical data, and simple linear regression.

Prerequisite(s):   or MTH 125  (with a grade of C- or better - starting with the Class of 2019).
Fulfills the Statistical Reasoning requirement.
Course may be applied to the Management of Information Systems program.